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Dag 21 – sista dagens fokus!

Dag 21 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

You did it! YEAH!

I’m giving you another standing ovation – really – and jumping up and down, too. As you go forward, remember that the Crazy Sexy Diet doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Do what you can to stick with an alkaline plant-based diet, feed your soul as well as your body, and pay attention to your inner needs. Write a personal mission statement and let it be your guide. No matter where you are, it will always bring you home. Keep it short and powerful so you remember it always. Place it on your altar. See it, feel it, be it.

Kriss Carrs Mission Statement

”I commit my life to the pursuit of peace. Peace begins with my physical and mental well-being, it exptends to my plate, guides all my relationships, personal and business transactions, and decisions. People can’t give me happiness; they can only share in my already present happiness stemming from peace.”

Focus: Live in the present, expect the future.

Prayer: Knowing I am glorious just as I am, help me face the future with intention, integrity, instinct and excitement.

Affirmation: I am the embodiment of success today! I am a champion!

God Pod Maintenance: Ninety-minute deep tissue massage. You deserve it.


Dag 20 – fokus

Dag 20 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Build a Crazy Sexy posse. Create your own sassy support group/wellness stitch-and-bitch. Motivate one another, buddy up, pinkie-swear and help one another stay on track. It’s so much easier to continue this wild ride when you have a pal or two to prod your ass.

Prayer: May the right people come together to create the most supportive posse imaginable.

Affirmation: I attract supportive and motivating friendships into my life. We love and respect one another. We hold ourselves accountable.

God Pod Maintenance: Dry brush and use coconut oil on your body after your shower. If you feel like twinkling, check out Simply Divine Botanicals ”You Glow Girl” glitter butter. Here are some of the ingredients: glitter (duh!), essential oils, vitamin E, aloe, avocado and shea oil, unconditional love and gratitude.

Jag ÄLSKAR kokosnötsolja! Min enda ansikts”kräm” just nu och jag har det i håret och på kroppen. Love it!

Dag 18 – fokus

Dag 18 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Creativity! Your tools = scissors, magazines, clippings, prayers, quotes, love letters to yourself, glue and poster board or thumb tacks and cork board, and imagination. Let yourself be free to explore anything you desire. Lock your inner editor in the bathroom; she’s a damn pain in the ass. When you’ve created your board, place it where you’ll constantly see it. Your vision board doesn’t want you to shrink like a violet; it wants you to explode like a thunderous stallion!

Prayer: Wipe my eyes. Help me see the prosperity and grab the opportunity.

Affirmation: What I wish for is on its way.

God Pod Maintenance: Belly dance, go to zumba class, take up fencing or tae kwan do. Shake it up. Oh, and are you flossing? A healthy mouth = a healthy body.

Dag 16 – fokus

Dag 16 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Adventure! You’re not living on an island (unless of course, you live on an island). Nothing can stop you from sightseeing in your own backyard, across town or across the globe.

Prayer: Grant me the wisdom to see beyond my boundaries.

Affirmation: I am a global God(dess), open to the world.

God Pod Maintenance: Bry brush? Check. Thirty-five-minute jog, walk, tumble, roll or bounce? Check. Neti pot? Check. How about getting your eyebrows shaped by a follicle master? Your brows are are the frames that highlight your beauty. Tend to them.

Dag 15 – fokus

Dag 15 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Write a list of people, situations and body parts you need to forgive.

Prayer: Help me to let go of the pain and forgive.

Affirmation: Through the power of forgiveness all emotionas and physical obstacles melt away. I embrace my past and look forward to my future. Today, I forgive.

God Pod Maintenance: Take fun seriously. Plan for it. Put it on the calendar. Fun is nonnegotiable and fun helps you to do what? Forgive! Jumping on a mini-trampoline burns about 100 calories in fifteen minutes. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Trampoline playtime moves trapped fat out of tissues, cells and thighs. Blast your favorite tunes and bounce to the sky. If you can’t invest in a tramp at this time, buy a jump rope and ”Skip to My Lou, my darlin”.

Dag 14 – fokus

Dag 14 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Think about other areas of excess in your life. Closet? File cabinets? How about your Rolodex? Whoa. This may be the time for a little housecleaning, and not just with the mop and broom. You just don’t have enough energy to tap yourself out with people who take, take, take. The people who really matters will step up to the plate.

Prayer: With a loving heart, help me to release the relationships that bring me down. I bless them and Svend them to the light so I don’t have to haul their tired anses around in my mind. Guide me to surround myself with people who give and recieve with ease.

Affirmation: I am a magnet of goodness and starlight. Like attracts like. The relationships in my life are nurturing and I am supported today.

God Pod Maintenance: Review the section on Reiki in chapter 7 and give yourself som healing energy. Take a salt or cider bath after your thirty-five-minute move-and-shake session.

Reiki är när man gnuggar händerna mot varandra i 30 sekunder och sedan håller dem över eller på ett område på kroppen där man har ont eller liknande. Man ska sluta ögonen och andas djupt under tiden. Självhealing typ..

Dag 13 – fokus (bättre sent än aldrig)

Dag 13 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Be the you wish to see in the world. ( That’s not my genius – that’s Gandhi, he’s hot)

Prayer: Allow me to help others find their core vitality. Help me to share my knowledge in a way that people can understand. Though I am excited, I realize that people don’t like being bashed over the head. Help me teach with patience and compassion.

Affirmation: I have the amazing ability to clearly communicate my wisdom to others.

God Pod Maintenance: Tongue scraping, anyone? Ever notice the whitish coating that sometimes collects on your tounge? That’s waste products and bacteria. Help your tongue out by gently removing it. French kissing is a lot better with a clean tongue!


Dag 12 – fokus

Dag 12 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Here’s something for you to mull over. What if your problems disappeared today? Would you be instantly happy? Tell the truth. My sense is that the answer would be no. Most of us build state-of-the-art infrastructure to house our ego’s negative voice. We provide sturdy platforms for doubt and despair. If the source of the misery were removed, don’t think for a nanosecond that the self-created support beams would vanish with it. When you stop feeding the negativity, it will collapse.

Prayer: With gratitude for all that I have, remind me to take stock and be thankful for another day on Mama Earth.

Affirmation: My life is abundant now; rivers of joy and health flood my inner ashram and fill me with stamina, strength and amen.

God Pod Maintenance: Download a guided meditation or peaceful chanting CD. Take fifteen minutes or more to rest and regroup.

Dagens fokus är så bra, det stämmer ju så väl. Jag har tidigare varit proffs på negativt prat om mig själv, med mig själv. Men jag märker att jag har börjat vända mot mer positiva tankar och det gör sån skillnad för humöret!

Dag 11 – fokus

Dag 11 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Make a love list – hem things you absolutely love. Love is a magnetic force that attracts an infinite amount if goodness into our cells. Love makes us radiant. Notice the love and invite it to tea. Give your darlings validation no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. This simpel act remind us that lite is full of blessings. It’s amazing how many beautiful things we notice when we train our eyes.

Prayer: Allow me to notice the miracles and majesty in my life – noticing the magic helps me to notice myself.

Affirmation: I love how wonderful I feel and I am so incredibly proud of myself, right now, today.

God Pod Maintenance: If it’s nice out, take a bike ride. If it’s crappy outside (or cold) crank up the heat for thirty minutes and have a warm yoga session. Next, book a massage and write it in red ink on your calendar.

Dag 10 – fokus

Dag 10 – ur Crazy Sexy Diet

Focus: Meet your priestess. She is a force of nature. She adores sex, sauntering in red heels, free speech and loud laughter. The priestess is loving and compassionate but she’ll fight to the death to protect her inner kid. Oh, and she smells good too – like patchouli and rose with a splash of Egyptian musk. If your priestess has been amputated in any way, heal her.

Prayer: Knowing I am loved and beautiful inside and out, may I embrace my feminine energy. Guide me back to my priestess and teach me to never leave me again.

Affirmation: I am ripe with power, passion, and sizzle. I love and cherish my femininity.

God Pod Maintenance: Dance naked. Follow up with a candlelit, hot soak. A couple of drops of rosemary, lavender or pine essential oil relax the muscles and the mind. Sit back and sip some herbal tea while you’re at it.